Strathclyde - grain whisky distillation

Just like most other grain whisky distilleries, Strathclyde
is located in the Lowlands - the water source is Loch Katrine.

Seager Evans had gathered the required investment capital
with their very profitable Millbank gin distillery in London.
When they built Strathclyde they also bought a subsidiary
for their whisky adventures: Long John International Ltd.
This company would go on to become very successful too.

Confusingly enough, the Strathclyde distillery is located on Moffat Street in
Glasgow - unlike the 'Moffat' distillery in Airdrie. The Strathclyde distillery was
established in 1927 by Seager Evans. That company was founded in 1805
by James Lys Seager and William Evans.

In 1956 almost three decades had passed since Strathclyde’s foundation.
At that point the distillery was sold to Schenley Industries from the United States.
The new owners decided to add the Kinclaith malt whisky distillery to their whisky portfolio.
However, this ‘distillery’ was nothing more than a set of stills within the Strathclyde grain whisky plant.

Strathclyde in the past


After the closure of Port Dundas in 2009, Strathclyde enjoyed a few years
of being the only remaining whisky distillery in Glasgow. This situation
changed again recently, but the Glasgow Distillery Company produces not
even 1% of the volume of whisky that is produced by Strathclyde annually.

The main ingredient for the Strathclyde grain whisky is wheat.

At the moment, the annual production capacity of the Strathclyde grain
whisky distillery is around 40,000,000 litres of alcohol. All that whisky is
produced by two column stills; an analyser column and a rectifier column.
The other column stills that were used for the production of neutral spirit
have been mothballed a few years ago.

In 1975 the Kinclaith equipment was removed
again to make room for more grain whisky
production. Around the same time Strathclyde
became part of Whitbread - currently the UK's
largest hotel and restaurant company.

Strathclyde grain whisky distillery

Ownership of the Strathclyde distillery was first
transferred to Allied and later (on July 26th in
2005, to be precise) the grain whisky distillery
became part of the Pernod Ricard drinks
conglomerate. This massive French company
currently owns around a dozen different Scotch
(malt) whisky distilleries.

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Strathclyde grain whisky distillery


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