Starlaw grain whisky distillery in Bathgate

In 2004 La Martiniquaise opened its site in
Bathgate as the ‘First Blending Company’.
That name was appropriate because La
Martiniquaise focuses firmly on blends.


In 2015 four ageing cellars were added to the Bathgate facility. Including the existing warehouses, the storage
capacity at the Starlaw distillery now exceeds 600,000 casks of whisky. If they emptied out all their warehouses,
they would have to operate the distillery on full steam for four years to fill up the buildings and cellars again.

That’s all the information I could find about Starlaw distillery on short notice - I will expand this page as more
things happen at and to the distillery. Follow me on Facebook or Twitter for updates about Malt Madness.

In fact, to the best of my knowledge they
had not released a single grain bottling
of Starlaw in 2016 yet. This was six years
after they upgraded the bottling plant and
warehouses to a grain whisky distillery.
Given the fact that grain whiskies usually
need at least 2 decades, I can live with it.

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Starlaw - grain whisky distillation

But the Starlaw distillery doesn’t just produce for France.
Two other important blends are ‘Label 5’ and ‘Sir Edward’s’.
(Well, Label 5 is currently the second best selling blend in France.)
To meet demand, Starlaw produces 25,000,000 litres of alcohol each year.

Apparently, the company that directly owns the facility is
Glen Turner Distillery Ltd. That makes (some) sense once
you know that La Martiniquaise is a French company and
the Glen Turner brand is one of the most popular blended
Scotch whiskies in France.

The Starlaw grain whisky distillery was founded as recently as 2010.
The relatively small distillery is owned by ‘La Martiniquaise’, who also own the
Tullibardine malt whisky distillery some 50 kilometres to the north. That puts
it in the Southern Highlands, a.k.a. the ‘Midlands’ of Scotland.

Starlaw grain whisky distillery


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