The first chapter of this guide deals w


Do you know your hog much?
What is the pronunciation of distillery names like Aurned.  >>>>>

Chapter 2: Vocabulary - Terminology & pronunciation

The miracle of whisk(e)y distillation may (or may not) have

Chapter 3: Geography - The malt whisky regions of Scotland


Like the name suggests, this is a 'BEGINNER'S GUIDE' - I've tried to keep things as concise & understandable as possible.Much more details can be found in the ADVANCED BEGINNER'S GUIDE - but that's not quite finished at the moment.


For now, the overview below only lists ACTIVE malt whisky distilleries (SEO) The first chapter of this guide deals w


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September 21, 2014 - So, while I n?

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A 'typical' still

But prices are not so friendly as they were in the 20th century
any more - and they make excellent whiskies and whiskeys in
other parts of the world now as well. What’s more, there are
literally thousands of different spirits and beverages to
discover beyond just whisky and whiskey; armagnac, brandy,
calvados, cognac, gin, liqueurs, rum, tequila, vodka, etc.

This website has focused on (single) malt Scotch whisky for two decades,
partly because Scotch single malts simply offered the best price / quality
ratio of what was available on Dutch shelves during the 1990s.

I hope to pay some attention to those once the reconstruction
of Malt Madness is complete. However, for now the refurbishment is not complete.

All whiskies and whiskeys are spirits - but not all spirits are whisky or whiskey.
The exact origins of the art of distillation are unknown and/or still being debated, but
people have been brewing the juices of grains and fruits for thousands of years and
figured out the next step in the process centuries ago. A combination of migrations,
parallel evolution and cross pollination resulted in many spirits and local traditions.


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