Liquid Log overview - my Scotch whisky soapbox

However, my spleen
just kept on working...

In 2012, I felt that the 400 log entries I had written up to that point
pretty much covered all I wanted to write about Scotch malt whisky.
And that, after ‘managing’ the Malt Maniacs collective for 15 years,
it was time for somebody else to take over those responsibilities.

Do you think that making notes on thousands of whiskies is weird?
Well, screw you then - because that’s exactly what I have been doing
since 1997. In fact, in hindsight I may actually have been ‘blogging’
in my old Liquid Log even before that particular word was invented...

Allt A'Bhainne 1991 malt whisky

It wasn’t long before it was completely filled and needed venting again.
So, I decided to get my soap box out of storage and resume my whisky
writings with my new “Liquid Blog” (just a little ‘rebranding’) in 2013.
As always, fresh reports will be published at a fairly leisurely pace.

Writing is also part of my work, but when nobody is paying me to do so,
I prefer to only do it when I feel like it - and/or ‘the spirit moves me’.

A massive crash of the old Malt Madness website severely damaged
both the log and the blog - so I would actually suggest that you take a
look and one of the more “browseable” sections, like the brand new
Beginner’s Guide to malt whisky or even the old Distillery Data section.
But from now on that will happen faster thanks to our new sponsor:

Blogging about Scotch whiskey since 1997

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Apparin - ardbeg OMC half empty...
To be confirmed...
Apparently, the times are a-changing. Again...
If you buy just one whisky book a year, this is the one.
After the dust had settled, spirits and links were broken.
Complete and utter madness; chaos and odd behaviour.
When stage 2 had set in, I had sort of a drinking problem.
The first symptoms of my affliction were relatively mild.
To be confirmed... XXX

But my ‘Liquid Log’ was basically the same as a blog; a continuous
stream of my personal opinions and my experiences with malt whisky.
My Log was my own little soap box, from which I could shout whatever
I wanted, whenever I wanted to. And so I did - until log entry #400.

When I started publishing my rants & raves about malt whisky in 1997,
the word ‘blog’ hadn’t been invented yet. So, when I had to choose a
name for my ‘dram diary’ of whisky tasting notes, I chose Liquid Log.

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