Malt Madness is 'Frozen'...


Donate to Malt Madness or it might blow up...

I mean, consider this: If I’m willing to swallow my pride, perhaps you
would be willing to help me continue the work. I imagine that especially
(relative) beginners could save hundreds of euro’s or dollars on poor
purchases with the tips in the Beginner’s Guide alone, so this would
be a way of ‘paying it forward’ ;-)

The notification said that my PayPal balance
wasn’t sufficient to cover the upcoming costs for
renewal of some hosting and SSL services on MM.
That was the moment I had to swallow my pride
and put the donate button on MM. (Just click it.)

June 20, 2017 was a fairly historical date... Not only was it (almost)
the longest day of the year, it was also one of the hottest. And my
problems didn’t end there: I also received an alarming notification.


Over the years I’ve received thousands of comments from people that
have found the site entertaining, informative or even downright useful.
So, if you found the information on Malt Madness helpful, you might
like to consider making a donation to allow me to continue the site.

 I already foresaw this problem two years ago, so I tried to quietly take
Malt Madness off-line. This lead to some public uproars, so with some
help of ‘emergency advertisers’ like WhiskyFun I was able to bring
Malt Madness on-line again and continue the reconstruction.

Any funding is welcome - at the moment I need a total of 150,- for the hosting / SSL stuff.
So, if you like MM to stay online, you are invited to donate as little you’d like (or as much as I would like ;-)
That’s it for now - but I will fill this page till the end with words once the funds start flooding in...
Meanwhile: please let me know if you would like to advertise on Malt Madness - or if you would be
interested in a ‘mobile’ version of Malt Madness especially for smart phones and tablets.
More later...


Meanwhile, just in case the current trend continues, I’ve started work on a new website.
On I plan to occasionally write about whisky, but a range of other topics too.
After all, there’s much more to life than just whisky (as I’ve found out relatively recently).

Take films for example. I’ve always enjoyed those, even during the 1980s when you had to
travel all the way to the big city to watch one - or rent one of those bulky VHS movie boxes.

Our lives have improved considerably since that time.
Many of us now have access to thousands of films online - a much wider selection than what
you could find at your average theatre or videotheque in the past. Getting a film on the device
of your choice has become easier as well, so the main bottleneck for most people now is time.

Given the limited amount of time most people have in their busy lives, spending two hours or
more on a film that turns out to be underwhelming can be disappointing. There are a few
websites that provide film reviews that you could check beforehand, but one problem with
those platforms is that it’s hard to find out the tastes & preferences of a particular reviewer.
Without that knowledge, it’s difficult to determine who’s opinions are most useful for you.

In an effort to add a sense of purpose to the many hours I spend watching movies, I decided to start keeping
notes for friends a few years ago. Especially the people with full-time jobs have a very limited amount of free time,
so if I can help them to ‘separate the wheat from the chaff’ that leaves them some more time for more useful stuff.
I’ll try to add some of my thoughts about films to - as well as musings on loads of other stuff.
Depending on donations and advertisers, you’ll probably encounter the sign below on MM a little longer...

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